I’m constantly using new things so don’t limit to these. You should learn your curl pattern and choose your products based on that.


Curl Max- I LOVE THIS!! When it’s just one of them days I don’t want to do my hair I just spray this and scrunch my hair. It’s quick and simple.

Olive miracle moisturizer- this helps with my dryness and breakage. I love it also. Use it EVERYDAY!

Wild growth hair oil- I just use this because it makes my hair shine but I don’t use it faithfully.

Clarifying shampoo- this is what I use once a month when I need a full cleaning! This isn’t a everyday shampoo.

Suave pro- I love this so far. This is the shampoo I use every 3 days. It’s just for damaged hair.

Natural 7 oil- I only used this once and I liked it! I’m going to do a hot oil treatment with it soon.

Intense moisturizing conditioner- YESSS!! I love this so much. It works wonders and I use this after every shampoo.

Styling gel- I’m still getting used to this but it works good. I don’t do hair styles that require it though.

Cleansing conditioner- I don’t really like this product because it doesn’t really soften my hair. After a wash it feels really dry but I’ll continue to use it once a month.

Curl pudding- I love everything with argan oil but I think my hair isn’t long enough to use this yet. It should be used on really long hair or really short hair.

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    I swear by African pride leave ins. I love the stuff. It makes my hair so shiny and soft afterwards.
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    yasss African pride,the grease my momma use to use on my hair as a child, now has products WITHOUT mineral oil and...
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